June 3, 2023


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  • NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn’t happen this week

    A roundup of some of the most popular but completely untrue stories and visuals of the week. None of these are legit, even though they were shared widely on social media. The Associated Press checked them out. Here are the facts: ___ Nothing ‘secret’ about Arizona voting machine testing shown on video, officials say CLAIM: Newly released video shows election officials in Arizona’s Maricopa County illegally conducting “secret” voting equipment tests ahead of last November’s contested midterms. THE FACTS: The video comes from the county’s live broadcast of the election process last fall and isn’t new footage. Election officials say it shows the installation and testing of new memory cards on ballot counting machines […]

  • GOP walkout in Oregon Senate hits 4th week; uncertain if boycotters will be sanctioned

    The longest-ever walkout in the Oregon Legislature reached its fourth week on Wednesday as the enforceability of a ballot measure that would disqualify the boycotters from immediate reelection appeared in doubt. Senate President Rob Wagner once again tried on Wednesday to convene the Senate, which last met on May 2. “We’ll give this another shot,” the Democrat said. But a roll call again showed that nine Republicans and an Independent party senator were absent without being excused, preventing a quorum and keeping votes on Democratic bills on abortion, gender-affirming care and guns on ice. In what has become a Groundhog Day ritual in the past four weeks, Wagner then banged the gavel to close the aborted session. He said he’d […]

  • Oath Keepers convicted in Jan. 6 Capitol riot get prison in latest extremist sentencings

    Two Florida men who stormed the U.S. Capitol with other members of the far-right Oath Keepers group were sentenced Friday to three years in prison for seditious conspiracy and other charges — the latest in a historic string of sentences in the Jan. 6. 2021 attack. David Moerschel, 45, a neurophysiologist from Punta Gorda, and Joseph Hackett, a 52-year-old chiropractor from Sarasota, were convicted in January alongside other members of the antigovernment extremist group for their roles in what prosecutors described as a violent plot to stop the transfer power from former President Donald Trump to President Joe Biden after the 2020 election. Both men were among the lower-level members charged with seditious conspiracy. Moerschel was […]

  • The Downballot: How progressives are organizing ‘blue surge’ voters (transcript)

    Countless progressive organizations seek to engage and mobilize voters, but coordinating those efforts is a mighty task. On this week’s episode of “The Downballot,” we’re joined by Sara Schreiber, the executive director of America Votes, which works with hundreds of partners at the national and state level to deploy the most effective means of urging voters to the polls. Schreiber walks us through how coalitions of like-minded groups are formed and how the work of direct voter contact is divvied up between them. A special focus is on “blue surge” voters—those who, in the Trump era, joined the rolls for the first time—and why ensuring they continue to participate in the political process is the key to progressive victories. […]

  • Trump’s big mouth is finally getting him in (legal) trouble

    Donald Trump’s charmed stretch defying legal gravity in spite of his penchant for self-incrimination finally came to an end last month, when he sunk himself in the E. Jean Carroll rape case deposition. He claimed he had never seen Carroll before in his life and even if he had, she most certainly wasn’t his type. Those twin defenses were hilariously blown apart when he was shown a picture of himself interacting with Carroll—and mistook her for his ex-wife Marla Maples. Ultimately, the jury found Trump had sexually abused and defamed Carroll and awarded her $5 million. Although the case was civil, not criminal, it marked the beginning of the end of Trump’s luck evading the law. During his tenure at the White House, Trump successfully […]

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  • Who Gave Up More In The Debt Ceiling Negotiations: Biden Or Republicans?

    Welcome to FiveThirtyEight’s politics chat. The transcript below has been lightly edited. ameliatd (Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux, senior reporter): On Wednesday night, the House voted to approve a debt ceiling deal, pulling the country back from a catastrophic potential default. And on Thursday night, the Senate passed the bill too. The deal will suspend the debt limit

  • Why Trump Is Polling Much Better Among Very Conservative Primary Voters Than In 2016

    Shortly before the 2016 presidential primaries began, the influential conservative outlet the National Review devoted an entire edition of its biweekly magazine to making the ideological case “against Trump.” The issue featured essays from over 20 prominent conservatives explaining why Donald Trump’s campaign was “a menace to conservatism.” It also included a scathing editorial from

  • Are Black And Hispanic Americans Abandoning Biden?

    President Biden has an enthusiasm problem — again. Since he kicked off his reelection bid in late April, asking Americans for another four years to “finish this job,” there’s been plenty of attention to his potential weaknesses among key voting blocs, particularly Black voters. New data from the 2022 midterm elections also reinforces earlier election

  • Where The Debt Ceiling Agreement Goes From Here

    Over the weekend the White House and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced an agreement to suspend the debt ceiling and make cuts to discretionary spending. The bill is expected to be taken up in the House on Wednesday. According to the Treasury Department the US will run out of cash to pay its bills on

  • Politics Podcast: There’s A Debt Ceiling Agreement … For Now

    Over the weekend, the White House and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced an agreement to suspend the debt ceiling and make cuts to discretionary spending. According to the Treasury Department, the U.S. will run out of cash to pay its bills on June 5, meaning the clock is ticking for the bill to pass the

Mother Jones

  • A federal judge ruled late Friday that Tennessee’s law restricting drag shows is unconstitutional. The decision is a ray of sunshine during Pride month as state bans on drag performances and related bills that exclude and deny care to transgender individuals proliferate across the country. The Tennessee law, the Adult Entertainment Act, bans “adult cabaret […]
  • President Joe Biden signed a debt ceiling deal on Saturday, averting a default on the nation’s debt predicted for Monday, thereby narrowly avoiding an international economic crisis. The House had approved the bill on Wednesday followed by the Senate on Thursday.  Biden, who brokered the deal with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), has framed the […]
  • Fort Bragg, one of the largest military bases in the country, officially became Fort Liberty on Friday, the first of nine military bases in the South that will ditch their confederate namesakes.   The renaming effort got underway after the murder of George Floyd sparked a reassessment of and backlash against the country’s memorials to […]
  • International underwear model, security guard, and insurrectionist John Strand was finally sentenced to prison today, after being convicted in September on all five criminal counts related to storming the Capitol on January 6. DC District Court Judge Christopher Cooper sentenced Strand to 32 months in prison, plus a $10,000 fine. The fine took into account the […]
  • In Lorena Roman’s new apartment in Watsonville, California, the walls are bare except for a wooden cross. Boxes are stacked in the small kitchen. Some days she can hear the jingle of an ice cream truck driving by the approximately 80-unit apartment complex in Monterey County. On a recent spring morning, Roman, 47, sits on […]

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  • The Myth of the Responsible Gun Owner: An American Nightmare (Part I)

    While plenty of gun owners are responsible, a shocking number are not—the data doesn’t lie, from leaving unsecured arms near children to failing to report stolen guns to shooting while intoxicated. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court keeps abetting their recklessness. The post The Myth of the Responsible Gun Owner: An American Nightmare (Part I) appeared first on Washington Monthly.

  • The 2023 Kukula Award Finalists

    The Washington Monthly’s annual award celebrates the best in nonfiction book reviewing and honors the memory of Kukula Kapoor Glastris, the magazine’s beloved books editor. The post The 2023 Kukula Award Finalists appeared first on Washington Monthly.

  • The Debt-Ceiling Deal Shows Joe Biden is a Normal President Just Like He Promised

    Skeptics said he couldn’t bring regular order, let alone bipartisanship, to Washington after the Trump years. But that’s precisely what he’s doing. The post The Debt-Ceiling Deal Shows Joe Biden is a Normal President Just Like He Promised appeared first on Washington Monthly.

  • Florida’s New Law Takes Aim at Voter Registration

    The statute jacks up fines and imposes onerous new requirements on the American tradition of community groups registering voters—a move so at odds with historical precedent that even conservative judges, including the Roberts Court, should strike it down. The post Florida’s New Law Takes Aim at Voter Registration appeared first on Washington Monthly.

  • Tom Hanks, Donald Trump, and the End of Truth

    In his Harvard commencement speech, the Oscar-winning actor underscored the culture of lying that’s swelled in recent years. From Ted Cruz to Fox News, is there any going back to the pre-Donald era? The post Tom Hanks, Donald Trump, and the End of Truth appeared first on Washington Monthly.

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  • A Sweetheart Deal for the Sacklers: Billionaires Get Immunity from Civil Lawsuits over Opioid Crisis

    A federal appeals court on Tuesday ruled that members of the Sackler family can receive immunity from all current and future civil litigation related to their role in creating and fueling the opioid epidemic. The billionaire Sacklers own Purdue Pharma, maker of the highly addictive opioid OxyContin. The legal shield could lead to a settlement in the range of $6 billion for thousands of plaintiffs, including states, local governments and tribes. Opioid overdoses have killed over 500,000 people in the U.S. over the past two decades, according to the CDC. For more, we speak with Ed Bisch, founder of the group Relatives Against Purdue Pharma, whose 18-year-old son, Eddie, died of an OxyContin-related overdose in 2001. He says drug company executives responsible for the opioid crisis should be prosecuted by the Department of Justice. And in Mexico City, Christopher Glazek is the investigative reporter who was the first to publicly report how the Sackler family had significantly profited from selling OxyContin while fully aware it was directly fueling the opioid epidemic in America. “The Sacklers did what they’ve always done: They struck a deal, they paid a bribe, and they’re getting away with it,” Glazek says of the latest settlement.

  • Armed Police Raid on Bail Fund for Cop City Opponents Is Attack on “Infrastructure of the Movement”

    We get an update on the armed police SWAT team raid and arrest of three organizers with the Atlanta Solidarity Fund, which has been raising money to bail out protesters opposed to the construction of a massive police training facility known as Cop City in the Weelaunee Forest, one of the city’s largest green spaces and the former site of a prison farm. Marlon Kautz, Adele Maclean and Savannah Patterson were charged with money laundering and fraud. The arrests come as 42 protesters face charges including domestic terrorism for opposing Cop City and just days before the Atlanta City Council is set to vote on the project. These new and unprecedented arrests are a clear attack on “the infrastructure of the movement,” says Kamau Franklin, founder of the organization Community Movement Builders and a vocal Cop City opponent. He joins us from Atlanta for the latest on the protests and the state repression campaign against them.

  • Rep. Ro Khanna Says Sen. Dianne Feinstein Should “Step Down with Dignity”

    Dianne Feinstein returned to the Senate last month after a prolonged absence due to poor health and as questions continue to grow about her fitness for office. Feinstein said she would resume her duties with a lighter schedule, but the 89-year-old senator is reportedly suffering from mental decline that leaves her heavily reliant on her aides. Congressmember Ro Khanna of California is among a growing number of Democrats who have called on Feinstein to retire. “The reality is that she’s not able to do the job,” says Khanna. “She just has a staff that’s running everything, and it’s a very, very sad situation.”

  • Rep. Ro Khanna: Avoiding Default Was Necessary, But Debt Deal Was Passed at Expense of “Most Vulnerable”

    After a contentious battle with the Republican House majority, President Biden and Congress have agreed on a bipartisan deal suspending the debt ceiling until January 1, 2025. Among other concessions to Republicans, the deal caps domestic spending below the current rate of inflation, allows for larger increases to the military budget, implements new work requirements for social programs and fast-tracks the approval and construction of the controversial 300-plus-mile-long fracked gas Mountain Valley Pipeline through West Virginia and Virginia. Our guest, California Congressmember Ro Khanna, is among a number of progressive Democrats who voted against the legislation. He calls it a “punch in the gut to climate activists” that “came on the backs of the poor, of students, of the most vulnerable, of women.”

  • Headlines for June 2, 2023

    Senate Approves Debt Deal Limiting Domestic Spending and Rolling Back Climate Protections, Senate Votes to Rescind Biden’s Student Debt Relief Plan, Russia Fires More Missiles at Kyiv Amid Fresh Cross-Border Attacks from Ukraine, U.N. Warns Foundering Black Sea Grain Deal Could Exacerbate Food Crisis, Zelensky Presses EU and NATO to Grant Ukraine Membership; China Calls for Peace Talks, Protesters Disrupt Arms Convention as Canadian Defense Minister Touts Cybersecurity Plans, Rights Groups Slam “Sham Trial” for Iranian Journalists Who Helped Expose Death of Mahsa Amini, Workers Protest Florida’s Latest Anti-Immigrant Law Targeting Farm Laborers, Republican States Challenge DACA in Court Before Judge Who Ruled Against Program in 2021, Chicago Will Use $50 Million in City Surplus Funds to Assist Asylum Seekers Sent from Texas, SCOTUS Decision Will Make It Easier for Employers to Sue Workers Who Strike, Amazon’s Corporate Workers Walk Out to Protest Climate Inaction, Labor Issues, Bill Cosby Sued for 1969 Sexual Assault as Part of California’s Survivor Lookback Law, NYC to Stop Reporting Prison Deaths as Federal Investigator Probes Recent Death at Rikers

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