March 22, 2023

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Trump Is BEGGING CNN To Become A Trump Propaganda Network

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Donald Trump wants to be done with Fox News so badly, but he has nowhere else to turn. That’s why he has spent many months begging CNN to start being the pro-Trump network, and he repeated the claims this week while saying that the network will never make it if they don’t start showering him with love. This is about as desperate as we’ve ever seen Donald Trump, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.

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Donald Trump desperately wants c n n to become the pro-Trump network. He has essentially been begging CNN n for months now that, oh, if you just go all in on Trump, all of your ratings problems will disappear. And let’s be real. C n N is having a very, very bad problem with their ratings right now. A major report came out from The Daily Beast this past week showing us that even as c n tries to revamp things and try new things, all of it’s failing and they’re still losing viewers. So C n N is in trouble. Trump’s right about that. But he’s wrong if he thinks that becoming the pro-Trump network is going to save them. But even this week, Donald Trump made that claim, again, partly due to the fact that he is so angry at Fox News one for shadow banning him two for the truth about the what the hosts think about him coming out in the Dominion Court filings, we learned this week that even Sean Hannity had grown sick and tired of Donald Trump by the time the 2020 election rolled around Tucker Carlson, it was revealed last week, said he hates the guy passionately and then went on to say that he didn’t do anything for the country while he was president.

So Trump’s got an ax to grind with Fox News, which is why he said this this week. If they ever went for Trump talking about cnn, they would take over from Fox News. Otherwise they will never make it.

I mean, maybe, right? We can’t discount that claim completely. I mean, CNN’s gotta do something to try to boost their ratings cuz man, they are dying. But then again, Fox News, even with all the information we know about them now, even though we know they’re pretty much anti-Trump, it’s obvious from the the ownership from the c e o, from the hosts, Fox News is still at the top of the ratings, even without you, Donald. So you can’t make the assumption that becoming a pro-Trump network is somehow gonna help C n I mean it, it did. It didn’t help Newsmax, it didn’t help one America, they actually have less reach than ever now when they went all in on Trump, whereas Fox News still tried to tread that line. So based on recent history, we’d have to say that your claims about CNN shooting through the roof with ratings if they went pro-Trump.

Not accurate because we’ve seen other networks try it and fail, whereas Fox News is kind of going the opposite route and they’re still doing just as good as they ever did. Even with all the revelations that their hosts knowingly lied to their audience and that some of the people working at Fox News view the audience as a bunch of incestuous morons. So you can keep begging CNN all you want. Maybe they’ll pay attention, maybe they’ll go that route. I mean, again, they gotta try something else because nothing seems to be working. But it also seems kind of foolish at this point to go all in on somebody who might actually be headed to jail. Because then what? What are the, what are the, what do they do with the content after that? Oh, well we were gonna be the pro-Trump network, but it’s hard to get interviews with him when he is behind bars. I know that’s wishful thinking on my part, but it is still a possibility. By the way, Trump, you, you might wanna not be so concerned with the problems of other media companies and maybe focus on the fact that your own media and technology group is actually under investigation for possibly laundering money for the Russians. To me, that seems like a bigger concern than what’s happening with CNN’s ratings. 

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