April 1, 2023


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Fox News Might Be Totally Screwed

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How bad is it going to get for Fox News in the Dominion lawsuit? Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Hi, Faren. Now that the Fox News host texts have been revealed, seeing as they never believe the election lies, dominion will surely win the 1.6 billion lawsuit now that their main host reputations are tarnished. My question is, what will become a Fox News? Will the network finally be brought to justice, possibly lose massive viewership, or will they get away like they always do, not winning the battle but the war? Uh, yeah. Fox News is going to be fine. A, as much as I don’t wanna say that, as much as I would love to say, nope, this is the end for Fox News. It’s not the end. I mean, even with the text messages that came out this week, we’re Tucker Carlson’s like, I hate Trump passionately, even with the revelations that Rupert Murdoch is funneling information to Jared Kushner, who was the conduit between Murdoch, Fox News and Donald Trump.

Nothing’s gonna happen to him. They’re gonna pay some fines. They’re gonna pay some court costs here. They’re gonna probably pay a judgment of some kind in both the Dominion and the Smart Matic lawsuits. Uh, it’s probably not gonna be 1.6 billion, but they’re gonna pay a heck of a lot of money, I imagine hundreds of millions of dollars at this point. The network is going to lose because of what happened. And of course, the hosts stunning hypocrisy has been on full display with the text messages, the emails, the memos, all of it. The whole country now knows what those people are really all about, except of course, viewers of Fox News. So the actual viewers, the people who need to know this information the most, they can’t even hear about it because the hosts on the network are forbidden from talking about it, which I totally understand, right?

It’s ongoing litigation. It, it creates a liability if your hosts are allowed to talk about it. So, I don’t disagree with the network, uh, banning them from talking about it. It definitely big liability. But the people who need this information don’t hear it. They don’t get it. They don’t seek it out. You don’t see a lot of right wing media outlets talking about the latest Tucker Carlson text messages, where he hates Trump with a passion. You don’t hear them talking about Jared Kushner and Rupert Murdoch possibly violating f e C rules by sharing Biden’s ads before they aired on television. Right? Wing media is not talking about it, and that is all those people consume. So as long as your audience is kept in the dark, or as long as your audience just refuses to believe reality, which let’s face it, that is Fox News’s audience, then nothing bad will happen.

They’ll pay the money and they’ll make it back eventually. I know Fox News doesn’t have the easiest time attracting advertisers, but they’ll be fine in the end. They will continue spreading their propaganda. Maybe they’ll be a little bit more careful in the future about spreading lies. I can’t even say for certain that that would happen. But they’re gonna keep limping along and eventually be back to where they were before all of this happened. Their audience won’t, won’t believe what happened. And the worst part is the rest of the public probably will forget about it in about six months.

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