June 3, 2023


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  • 1. Johnny Cash and Josef Stalin. 2. Noah Smith’s current take on libertarianism. 3. New Larry Summers talk on fiscal policy. 4. The business of giving private concerts to rich people (New Yorker). 5. Amitai Etzioni, RIP (NYT). 6. Japan patent fact of the day.  Yikes. 7. Kaija Saariaho, RIP (NYT). 8. Legal bank stablecoins […]
  • Goods producers increase their capital expenditure and employment in response to a cut in marginal corporate income tax rates or an increase in investment tax credits. In contrast, companies in the service sector mostly use any tax windfall to increase dividend payouts. We base our conclusions on a novel measure of U.S. firm-specific tax shocks […]
  • I agree that miracles may well be possible for disabled individuals, but I am less certain about their more general applicability.  Here is one excerpt from my latest Bloomberg column: Another vision for this technology is that the owners of computers will want to “rent out” the powers of human brains, much the way companies […]
  • 1. Claudia Rosett, RIP. 2. Russell Hogg and Scott Sumner podcast on Japanese movies. 3. Foundations and Frontiers, some new essays on new technologies, by Anna-Sofia Lesiv. 4. “Meet the one-person team behind Antarctica’s longest-running newspaper, the Antarctic Sun.” 5. Benjamin Wallace-Wells on libertarianism (New Yorker). 6. The excellent Dan Senor podcasts with me. 7. How […]
  • Chinese startup MiniMax, working on AI solutions similar to that of Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s ChatGPT, is close to completing a fundraising of more than $250 million that will value it at about $1.2 billion, people familiar with the matter said. The deal comes amid a global AI buzz kicked off by ChatGPT that has spread to […]

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